Revolutionizing Contact Centers with CommunityConnect Labs & Amazon Connect

Improve Your Call Center’s Metrics with Omnichannel Contact Center Customized for Health and Human Services


Reduce Burden on Call Center Staff:

Contact List Validation

Automatically triage requests to appropriate departament

Improve agent morale - decrease repetitive manual tasks

Improve Customer Experience:

Reduce call wait times

Schedule convenient call-backs

Language access


We understand the complex needs of call centers that may provide referrals, benefits screening, needs assessment or case management. At CommunityConnect Labs,
we specialize in transforming how government and nonprofit sectors connect with their clients. We understand the challenges of serving the diverse clients that you serve. We specialize in building solutions to reduce the burdens on your staff while improving customer experience.

As an Amazon Partner, we offer unmatched software development, configuration, and maintenance services to create a seamless omnichannel contact center solution tailored to your unique needs.

Full Professional Services

Many call centers are limited to voice only. Unable to communicate via SMS or on the social media that youth and underserved people prefer, there is a huge and widening gap of people who do not reach contact centers.

Our team can implement a comprehensive omnichannel solution– voice, IVR, SMS, email, webchat, social
media — that reaches people in the channels they prefer. Our services includes:

Software Development

Custom solutions that integrate flawlessly with Amazon Connect, designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Expert setup of your Amazon Connect contact center to ensure optimal performance across all channels. Features are flexible and modular.


Ongoing support to keep your systems running smoothly, ensuring your communication lines are always open.

Unique Services To Improve Call Center Metrics

In addition to our core services, we provide innovative add-ons and professional services designed to improve your call center metrics, especially with underserved communities:

Chat bot

Provide instant answers to common questions 24/7

2-way SMS

Conduct automated outreach and follow-ups. Hand off to an agent as needed for high-touch cases.

Contact List Validation

Email/Phone Number and Contact Data Augmentation

Content Creation

Translations & Culturally Appropriate Messaging

Automated Contact Summaries

Save agent time with AI-assisted summaries across SMS, chat, voice

Analytics & Reporting

Create automated reminders and follow-ups

Client surveys

Contact us today to discover how we can help you revolutionize your communication strategy and maximize your impact.

Why Choose CommunityConnect Labs & Amazon Connect?

Deep Experience In Health and Human Services

We have deep experience and understanding of the needs of your clients and the support they need. We have customized solutions for clients with low-income Medicaid clients, clients who need health or mental health services and clients who need multilingual support. We have deep expertise in customer experience in programs such as Medicaid, LIHEAP, Public Health and Mental Health referrals, enrollment and follow-up.

Comprehensive Omnichannel Approach

We ensure your message is consistent and impactful across all channels, from SMS and voice to web chat and social media.

Scalable Solutions

Our services are scalable to match your organization’s growth and changing needs, ensuring you can always meet your community where they are.

Data Security and Compliance

We adhere to the highest standards of data protection and privacy, ensuring your and your community’s information is secure. Our entire platform complies with HIPAA privacy standards.

Transform Your Customer Experience Today

CommunityConnect Labs and Amazon Connect are here to empower your organization with the tools and technology to make a real difference. By partnering with us, you’re not just enhancing your contact center capabilities; you’re taking a significant step towards building a more connected and engaged community.

Dedicated to Public Service

Our solutions are specifically designed for government and nonprofit organizations, with a focus on reaching and engaging underserved communities.