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Medicaid Enrollment and Engagement Support

CCL knows how hard it can be to reach Medicaid and uninsured populations — they are low income,  move, change phone numbers, and may not be comfortable reading or speaking English. That’s why we’ve introduced our suite of eligibility and redetermation tools to help you engage with individuals and families to make sure they’re completing steps to be covered.

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Data Insights and Impact Reporting


Use Case - Covering Wisconsin Medicaid Chatbot

Read about how we are helping to address critical gaps in access to information about Medicaid eligibility and redetermination in Wisconsin.

Digital Engagement Tips for Medicaid Members

CCL's 6 quick digital engagement tips for Medicaid and other insurance member outreach and communication.

"It's been really exciting to have the opportunity to work alongside CCL in the development of new, streamlined ways to connect and interact with individuals needing health insurance help. The CCL team is accommodating, committed, and shares our drive to find new ways to simplify access to the most appropriate health coverage and health care."
Allison Espeseth
Director, Covering Wisconsin

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