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Let us help you design a digital outreach strategy that meets the needs of even your hardest to reach audiences.

2-way and broadcast text messaging

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Conversational AI Chatbot

Impact Reporting Dashboards

The digital solutions above can be combined in a way that makes the most sense to your organization. Your outreach tools will then be configured to organize and visualize real-time data and insights about the impact of your program.

Implementation Services

Our technical solutions are supported by a team of content and subject matter experts with vast experience in designing digital outreach strategies and campaigns that aim to engage with niche populations, difficult to reach audiences, and vulnerable communities.


We can help you to:

We take a human-centered design approach and can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need.

"Two of the biggest benefits that we found in using CommunityConnect Labs’ platform was really thoughtful design of the engagement with the audience... [and] helping us to analyze the results of what we got."
Pete Manzo
President & CEO of United Ways of California

Solutions by Sector

Community Outreach Services

Daily wellness calls for home bound people, appointment readiness reminders, case worker check ins and eligibility checks for LIHEAP, ACP, EITC, SNAP and more. Learn about how we use chatbots and text messaging with our human and social services and nonprofit clients.

City Chatbot and Government Services

When’s trash pickup? Where’s street parking? How do I make an appointment to sign up for benefits?

Improve customer service channels, reduce call volume, and engage with hardest to reach populations using our government services solutions.

Medicaid Benefits Solutions

Medicaid and marketplace chatbots and text messaging programs that help Navigators, Communications departments, and other outreach teams to use digital in between phone and office visits.

Our tools increase likelihood of completing redetermination, enrolling, and renewing before deadlines. Simply sending texts can avoid procedural disenrollments and help members stay covered.

Health Program Solutions for Medicaid and More

Looking to improve HEDIS measures, engage with a hard to reach population, or increase awareness and participation?

Improve outcomes through targeted SMS and chat solutions that remind, prepare, and assist individuals with accessing and managing care.