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Changes to Public Charge Rules

The definition of “public charge” has been very narrow, so the government had rarely denied applications based on those grounds.2 However, on Aug. 12, 2019, the Trump administration announced a new rule that will modify “public charge” policies and will go into full effect 60 days from Aug. 14, 2019.

The Latest on Public Charge

With injunctions lifting, find out the latest on what’s happening with the changes to Public Charge rules.

Addressing Public Charge Head-On

Due to all of the uncertainty around Public Charge and the new proposed rule, the Grove Foundation hosted the Public Charge Community Forum on October 31st to discuss new developments and showcase new Public Charge screening tools developed by CommunityConnect Labs and Immigration Advocates Network.

Leading the Fight Against Public Charge

As changes to the public charge policy were announced in mid-August, organizations have been developing efforts to combat the new rule. The Legal Aid Society of San Mateo has created their own projects and has also partnered with CommunityConnect Labs to develop a solution to help vulnerable communities affected by the changes.

Cambios en las reglas de “carga pública”

La definición de "carga pública” ha sido muy limitada, por lo cual el gobierno rara vez había negado las solicitudes basadas en esos motivos. Sin embargo, el 12 de agosto de 2019, la Administración Trump anunció una nueva regla que modificará las políticas de "carga pública” y entrará en efecto 60 días a partir del 14 de agosto de 2019.