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Capture Latino Engagement on Social Media with Sponsored Videos

At CCL, we’ve been utilizing social media platforms to increase vaccination rates in Latino families based in San Mateo County, California. We’ve recently analyzed a bilingual ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram using three distinct messaging approaches, single-image ads and video content.

Ad Copy Leading with Facts are Most Effective at Driving Latino Engagement

At CCL, we’ve been utilizing social media platforms to increase vaccination rates in Latino families based in San Mateo County, California. We’ve recently analyzed an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram that featured single-image ads with three distinct messaging approaches. 

Public Health Outreach Messages that Make an Impact

Messaging that captures interest and promotes social connection is key to reaching under-served populations. Here’s a brief round-up of three recent viral campaigns targeting key audiences.

In-person Canvassing to Reach the Vaccine Hesitant

Vaccination engagement tactics are shifting across the US to in-person, door-to-door canvassing. The pros? Meeting people where they’re at.The ability to have a face-to-face conversation. Efficiently targeting specific geographic neighborhoods, a tactic that mimics how disease is spread.

Insights from Four Vaccine Incentive Programs around the US

Reports on state vaccine incentive programs are showing mixed results, with many citing dwindling rates of vaccination. It’s difficult to draw conclusions because vaccination rates have continued a steady decline nationally since April 2021’s significant uptick, which occurred due to ample supply and increased eligibility for most Americans.

Why Vaccine Incentive Programs motivate us

Vaccine incentives have been powerful drivers of vaccination rates around the country since the state of Ohio made the news with their Vax-a-Million campaign in mid-May. Behavioral Economist, Katy Milkman, explains that the success of vaccine lotteries boils down to two key components: heavy media coverage and individuals believing their odds of winning are higher than the reality.

Reaching the Unvaccinated is Critical to Disease Suppression and Eradication

The twice-as-transmissible Delta variant of COVID-19 poses a unique threat… to unvaccinated populations. Good news: reports indicate that vaccines being distributed in the US are effective against the highly-transmissible Delta variant (Source: LA Times).

POTUS announces National Month of Action to promote vaccination

President Biden announced a "National Month of Action" in vaccination efforts and sponsors are lining up to offer incentives to reach the goal of 70% vaccination. Incentives range in value, from state lotteries offering $1M prizes to… free beer? 

Million Dollar Lotteries Increase Vaccinations

After weeks of lagging interest, Ohio’s Vax-A-Million lottery for those who are vaccinated produced a surge in vaccinations. ‍‍Vaccinations increased 40% for ages 16+ in the 7 days following the Vax-a-Million announcement in Ohio.

Getting a Vaccine As Easy As Getting Your Groceries

Flu vaccination rates are 3 million/day. Make COVID vaccinations as convenient as flu vaccinations. People have unpredictable schedules with childcare, work, and community responsibilities. Be where people are. Meet people where they are in terms of convenient locations and timing.