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POTUS announces National Month of Action to promote vaccination

President Biden announced a  “National Month of Action” in vaccination efforts and sponsors are lining up to offer incentives to reach the goal of 70% vaccination. 

Incentives range in value, from state lotteries offering $1M prizes to… free beer? 

Here’s a short list of newly-announced incentives and outreach tactics:

  • Childcare: KinderCare and Learning Care Group locations across the nation will offer free, drop-in care to support Americans getting vaccinated, and more than 500 YMCAs will offer drop-in care during vaccination appointments. Bright Horizons will also provide free childcare to support more than 10 million workers employed at participating organizations. (Source:
  • Free beer: “Anheuser-Busch will buy America’s next round of beer, seltzer, non-alcoholic beverage or other A-B product.” (Source: Food & Wine magazine)
  • Nationwide, neighborhood pharmacies will stay open late every Friday in June to allow for more vaccinations. 
  • “Shots at the Shop,” an initiative to engage Black-owned barbershops and beauty salons to conduct outreach and educate Americans about the vaccine kicks off this month. (Source:
  • 90+ cities across the country have signed on to the “Mayor’s challenge” to promote vaccine efforts in their cities (Source:

Additionally, researchers looking to identify barriers to getting the vaccine are highlighting trends to keep in mind when conducting outreach to unvaccinated populations: namely, to those who are most cost-sensitive.

  • A poll conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation indicated that about ⅓ unvaccinated adults were unsure whether insurance covered the vaccine 
  • Concerns over cost were higher among Hispanic and Black survey respondents
  • Folks who have received large, unexpected medical bills in the past may be especially wary of “free” offers
  • Working people may be concerned about the risk of vaccine side effects leading to lost work hours and smaller paychecks
  • Those who may have received bills for Covid-19 testing (also touted as “free” but sometimes assessed site fees or other costs) may have diminished trust in messaging that vaccines are free or no-cost.

Results from the initial round of incentive programs like Ohio’s vax-a-million were incredibly promising. To reach the nationwide goal of 70%, we recommend officials ensure their unvaccinated populations be made aware of various benefits, like free childcare, that may offset concerns around cost.  


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