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EITC Connect

Help low-income individuals who qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit receive benefits.

The U.S. Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a refundable tax credit for low-to-moderate income working individuals and couples, particularly those with children. Many states also have EITC programs to help families struggling on low wages make ends meet. State EITCs build on the benefits of the federal EITC and are easy to administer, with nearly every dollar going directly to the working families that the credits were created to help.



To qualify for the U.S. Federal EITC, low-to-moderate income individuals need to meet certain IRS requirements and file a tax return, which is a difficult process to negotiate.


  • Not many eligible individuals, couples, and families with children are aware of the program
  • Those who are familiar with the program are uncertain whether they qualify
  • Applicants struggle to find resources and support in the languages they need


CCL’s simple and secure text messaging platform can be used to design an automated yet interactive campaign that keeps administrative costs down while amplifying outreach efforts



  • Easily and quickly outreach to thousands of potential clients
  • Provide info in multiple languages about the benefits of state and federal EITC
  • Pre-screen for state and federal EITC eligibility
  • Refer pre-screened clients to in-person tax assistance or online assistance
  • Send automated reminders and motivational messages
  • Easily get data for your grant reporting:  All campaigns provide automated tracking

How It Works

How It Works


Upload phone number contacts or opt-in numbers from outreach like social media, newsletters, events, etc.


Collect information from clients to determine if they are eligible for EITC


Provide referrals on how to claim credit at no cost either online or through tax assistance sites based on location and language preference


Conduct follow-up, referring individuals to financial services and additional programs after their tax filing


Send scheduled or trigger-based reminders to help clients through the filing process

Client Story: United Ways of California​

In 2017, the United Ways of CA began using our EITC Connect solutions to provide English and Spanish language versions of an EITC screening survey via SMS to clients who opted-in through their 2-1-1 system. ​