CommunityConnect Labs

Digital Solutions for Health Program Engagement

We use chat, SMS, WhatsApp and IVR (robocalling) to help health programs to:

-Improve engagement metrics

-Collect better data for HEDIS measures

-Support Community Health Workers and Health Navigators to reach clients in between visits

-Help patients access information in whatever language they speak

-Not only remind patients or clients of upcoming visits, but nudge them to arrive prepared with the right documents

-Measure program impact

-Create alternative ways of communicating that can be anonymous (chatbot) or more comfortable than live calling (texting) for many

Key Benefits

Automated messages and chatbots help answer questions 24/7 when teams are unavailable. Workflows can be as universal or specific as needed.

We can help you to design broadcast (1-way) messaging to reach thousands at once or tailored conversational (2-way) automated messaging for specific populations who may need extra support with a specific process or require daily check ins.

You can use your CCL platform for as many programs as you’d like. For example, if your vaccine awareness campaign was successful, expand to include new alerts or offer in office visit reminder texts or daily wellness screeners for different populations.

Texting and chat solutions are easy to use and comfortable for many literacy levels. They can be offered in unlimited languages, including indigenous languages. Our team of content experts can help you adjust content to be as inclusive as you need.

Why use these tools for hard to reach populations?

  • 90% of low-income individuals have mobile phones
  • 95% of Americans text every day
  • Text messaging or robocalls (for landline users) are free to receive on most phone plans
  • Offers additional ways to communicate, providing patients with multiple options
  • Can be translated into many languages, building trust with populations that may not have linguistically appropriate support
  • Continuous touch points and check-ins maintain engagement and find highest risk individuals when unresponsive

Use Cases & Demos

EITC Connect - Use Case

In 2017, the United Ways of CA began using our EITC Connect solutions to provide English and Spanish language versions of an EITC screening survey via SMS to clients who opted-in through their 2-1-1 system…


Mental Health SMS - Use Case and Demo

Try our Call4Calm mental health SMS program and read about how we helped the State of Illinois stand up a text messaging service in English and Spanish to help the community find critical behavioral health support.

-Program Participants, Ventura211 Behavioral Health SMS

Our Clients

We’re proud to work with governments, nonprofits and foundations of all shapes and sizes.

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