CommunityConnect Labs

Interactive Surveys


Conduct timely, robust and high-response surveys in multiple languages



  • Get 3x standard survey response rate
  • Get responses 2x faster than traditional surveys
  • Skip logic, randomization and segmentation features for advanced surveys

Use Cases

Event follow-up survey

Program follow-up survey

Randomized surveys


Pre- and post-intervention surveys


How It Works

Recruit participants and/or upload existing contacts

  • Optional: Randomize participants and/or segment by demographics as well as behaviors

Input your survey questions and answer options – open ended or closed-ended, including skip logic

  • Optional: Multilingual Surveys: add more languages to your survey and analyze all your results together as a single data set

Schedule your survey to be sent to new participants as you recruit them, or send the survey en mass to your group of participants at the same time

See results in real-time in your account; data is displayed on an interactive dashboard, or you can download the results in excel.


See engagement metrics

Professional Survey Services

Survey design

Data analysis

Data reporting

Expert commentary

Updating contact fields in CRM databases (e.g. Salesforce) via API