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Getting a Vaccine As Easy As Getting Your Groceries

1. Set up Mobile Clinics Where There’s  High Foot Traffic

Flu vaccination rates are 3 million/day. Make COVID vaccinations as convenient as flu vaccinations. People have unpredictable schedules with childcare, work, and community responsibilities. Be where people are. Meet people where they are in terms of convenient locations and timing, especially: 

  • In front of grocery stores 
  • Shopping centers or malls
  • High foot-traffic locations

You can further promote the location with ads and text messages to people who live close to that area.  

2. Make it Easy – No Scheduling Necessary

No going through internet sites and no need to fill out online forms – just invite people to show up. Encourage walk-ins! 

  • If you must require scheduling online in advance, make sure your website is easy to use on mobile and make it as easy as the online scheduling of flu vaccinations.
  • It typically only requires 2 clicks and 1 question answer to get a flu vaccination scheduled!

3. Make it Reliable and Regular

Table regularly at the same place and same time so people can know if they are busy today, they know they can come back another day to get vaccinated.

Ensure any mobile vaccination sites have clear signage: 

        Example: “In this location Thursday, Friday, Saturday!”

        Example:  “Available Now – We have a vaccine waiting for you!”

4. Hire Friendly Event Marketing People to Pitch

Hire approachable people to be at the event to talk with people and invite them to get vaccinated.

  • Hire friendly event marketers
  • Invite trusted messengers – use name tags to promote them.

5. Promote the Convenience of 1 Dose

Many people want the convenience of a single dose and prefer not having to come back for a second dose, especially if they worry about their availability or schedule weeks from now.  

  • Promote the convenience of one dose in marketing materials at high-traffic locations

Provide free stickers, hats, and other giveaways. Use attractive and positive signage to promote convenience


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