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California CBOs Can Now Apply for Census Funding: View RFP Below!

Community-based organizations across California can now apply for the $30 million in funding allotted for census outreach by the California Complete Count Office.

California Funding Distributed across 10 Regions

The California Complete Count Office is asking for one CBO in each of California’ ten regions across California to apply to become an ACBO. Each regional ACBO will be responsible for regranting those funds to local nonprofits & CBOs to perform census outreach.

Funding will vary based on a region’s size and the number of hard-to-count communities contained within it. Examples include:

  • LA County (Region 8) will receive $8.46 million
  • The Bay Area (Region 3) will receive $2.81 million
  • Orange County (Region 9) will receive $1.4 million

You can see all regional funding amounts and which region your county is in here.

Funding Timeline for ACBOs

To become a regional ACBO, your CBO must submit a proposal by January 31st. Below is a timeline of how the funding will be distributed and reported on:

  • 12/14/18 – State releases regional ACBO RFP
  • 01/04/19 – State releases statewide ACBO RFP
  • 01/31/19 – Deadline for ACBOs to respond to regional ACBO RFP
  • 02/21/19 – Deadline for ACBOs to respond to statewide ACBO RFP
  • 03/19 – State issues notification of awards for regional and statewide ACBOs
  • 05/15/19 – ACBOs file Strategic Plan
  • 07/1/19 – ACBOs file first Quarterly Report
  • 09/1/19 – ACBOs file second Quarterly Report
  • 10/30/19 – ACBOs file Implementation Plan
  • 02/15/20 – ACBOs file Nonresponse Follow Up Implementation Plan
  • 02/30/20 – ACBOs file Final Report

Criteria to become an ACBO

In order to apply to as an ACBO for your region, your organization must:

  • Be a California-based 501(c)(3) with a minimum of five employees
  • Have five or more years of experience administering the design, development and execution of grassroots outreach work in at least one of the geographic regions in California
  • Show ability and experience in partnering with other CBOs and/or other entities to collaborate, coordinate and leverage resources.
  • Show ability and experience in leveraging sponsorships and other dollar investments to maximize impact.
  • Have five years or more of experience in managing and tracking budgets for three or more sub-contractors and other user groups.
  • Have experienced and trained staff with processes in place to ensure compliance with contracting and sub-contracting requirements
  • Show ability to provide a primary designee who has data-management experience and knowledge to interface with the Statewide Outreach and Rapid Deployment (SwORD) mapping portal.
  • Show experience with confidential and responsible information handling practices and procedures.
  • Show experience with the production and mass mailing of various communications pieces, including post cards, letters, surveys, and email.

CBOs may submit proposals to become an ACBO for up to three regions, but a separate proposal is required for each region.

You can find the RFP for California Census ACBOs here.


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