CommunityConnect Labs

Community Motivator

Educate, Motivate and Activate People To Get Vaccinated

Ensure that COVID-19 vaccination information reaches residents. With some communities, such as African Americans and Latinos, who are less confident about the COVID-19 vaccine, you need to conduct targeted outreach to educate, motivate and activate people to get vaccinated.

With CommunityMotivator, you can quickly and easily send out key locations, times and other info about vaccinations by text SMS message. Inform residents about where and how they can get vaccinated.  Text messages have a 90% open rate and reach everyone – including the most vulnerable low-income people, minorities, and immigrants.

Aligns with Your Communications
  • Manage Contact Lists Easily
  • Target your messages to specific groups
  • 2-way messaging allows people to send in questions and for your staff to answer questions by text
  • Automated check-ins: Easily check-in on individuals to see if they need help
  • Automated follow-up with individuals to ensure they got the help they needed
  • Provide personalized referral: Match individuals to vaccination resources based on their language, location, and preferences
  • Save time and staff resources – available as a full service