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Listen: Local Governments Lead the Way

With the 2020 Census around the corner, local governments have a very important job: to ensure that all of their constituents get counted! Engaging Local Government Leaders interviewed Perla Ni, CEO and founder of the Census Outreach Project, to discuss how local governments can get the job done.

Ni discusses how local governments are best suited to support their communities: They know where the hard-to-count reside and understand the specific challenges facing their constituents. Their role is critical to ensuring a fair and accurate count.

Find out how local governments in San Jose (California), King County (Washington), and Minnesota have been stepping up to educate, motivate, and activate their constituents. And follow their lead to help get your community the political representation and funding it deserves!

To learn more about how local governments can reach all of their residents for the 2020 Census and how the Census Outreach Project can help, listen to the full podcast here:


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