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State of Minnesota Uses Voter Lists for Census Outreach

The state of Minnesota has been a leader in 2020 Census outreach, using its resources creatively and thoughtfully to promote the Census to its constituents.   

Under the visionary leadership of the staff of the Minnesota State Demographic Center, the state will be using CommunityConnect Lab’s Community Motivator to send personalized text messages to voter registration lists, encouraging millions of people to participate.

Leveraging existing contact lists to text residents is just one avenue of outreach being used by the state, but it’s innovative and effective; 90% of people use text messaging and 95% of text messages are opened and read. Text messaging is an accessible way for residents – even those without internet access – to get information easily and quickly. 

Innovative outreach by governments and nonprofits using their available resources, such as voter lists, has the promise of engaging more residents and increasing Census participation. 


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