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Conversational Consistency: NLP-Powered Chatbots vs. LLM-Powered Chatbots

Government and nonprofit organizations are accustomed to making the most of limited resources. Improving outreach effectiveness is key to better serving communities. Which is where chatbots enter the conversation.   Chatbots can improve community engagement, enhance accessibility, and streamline processes. But, developing a dependable chatbot is essential to achieving these goals. To better understand what […]

Advancing Innovation: Biden’s FY2025 Budget Fuels AI Progress

In a move to spearhead technological advancement, the Biden administration’s FY2025 budget request earmarks $3 billion to propel transformative AI applications across federal agencies. This investment not only underscores the significance of maintaining U.S. leadership in the tech domain but also highlights a commitment to fostering innovation for the public good.   Here are some […]

What Makes A Good Chatbot?

A question for the ages — what makes a good chatbot? Chatbots aren’t just about shoving the latest generative AI technology onto your website. They’re about providing a satisfying conversational experience. And that can be accomplished in a number of ways.   When developing a chatbot, understanding your audience and the specific goals of your […]