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United Way Bay Area Expands Its Outreach Efforts with CCL’s Community Motivator


With the 2020 Census less than six months away, organizers are trying to reach as many of their constituents as possible. In order to scale their outreach efforts, the United Way Bay Area (UWBA), the ACBO for California’s Region 3, has incorporated CommunityConnect Labs’ Community Motivator solution.

Through the Community Motivator, Stephanie Kim from UWBA invited organizers at the San Mateo Implementation Workshop meeting to text in to “Pledge to Be Counted” — committing users to participate in the Census next year, while building a list of individuals who will now automatically receive reminders, nudges, and follow-ups when the Census becomes available.

When asked about how the Community Motivator is helping UWBA with their outreach efforts, Stephanie Kim said:

“The Community Motivator helps us take a scalable approach to reaching the diverse hard-to-count communities in the Bay Area. It builds upon the important in-person interactions from trusted messengers and allows us to follow up with coordinated and consistent messaging that reaches individuals where they are, in the language they prefer, and using a tool they’re familiar with. We’re hoping to get as many people as possible signed up to receive messages over the coming months so that come March 2020, they’ll all receive the same reminder from Bay Area Counts 2020 to get counted.”

With the Community Motivator, UWBA can reach thousands of Bay Area residents to ensure that they not only pledge to be counted, but that they also follow through on their pledges!


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