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Wisconsin Anticipating the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

In anticipation of the end of the COVID-19 public healthcare emergency, Covering Wisconsin (CWI) is on a mission to help at-risk Wisconsinites secure healthcare coverage, seek timely care, and navigate the healthcare system. Wisconsin has nearly 1.5M enrollees in Medicaid plans who will need to re-enroll or find a different plan in the coming months. Covering Wisconsin knew their staff would be under extraordinary pressure to deliver.

In partnership with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, CWI recruited CommunityConnect Labs to build a digital healthcare enrollment screener with a multichannel contact center to address their service delivery needs.

Project Goals: 

  • Ensure healthcare plan eligibility information was available 24/7/365
  • Offer real-time chat with licensed staff (“Navigators”) during business hours
  • Ensure services can be accessed by low-income consumers around the state: this meant building a tool accessible via the web and also deliverable via SMS.
  • Prioritize appointments for those who need them


  1. Automated Medicaid Enrollment Screener:
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Empowers users to self-determine eligibility
  • People were provided personalized referrals to agencies based on user-reported zip code, income, and language preferences. Qualified people given direct links to an online appointment self-scheduler
  1. Omnichannel Contact Center 
  • SMS or Webchat inquiries
  • Navigators can login from anywhere to answer  
  • Navigators can help multiple users at the same time and track the status of support through a centralized ticketing system
  • Robust performance dashboard
  1. SMS Outreach and Follow-up
  • Contact lists of those who are up for Medicaid renewal will receive SMS outreach, educating them on specific upcoming deadlines and directly linking them to the automated screener and live navigator staff as needed 
  • Customer surveys were built-in (e.g., Did Clients get the help they needed?)


  • Saves Staff Time and Applicant Time: Average chat sessions are 5-6 minutes in length, which is far less than their previous, average appointment time of 60 minutes.
  • Improves Staff Morale: Staff report enjoying their chat sessions with consumers. Staff believe that it is an effective way to reach people who otherwise may not pick up a phone or walk into an office
  • High Use by Applicants: 68% of visitors during the 7 days of Open Enrollment used the screening tool to see what they qualify for
  • Collects data from users on the accuracy of referrals and their satisfaction: 84% of surveyed users rated the tool as helpful, activating them toward health insurance enrollment
  • 52% of those who requested expert help utilized the live chat feature, while 48% were directed elsewhere (scheduling an online appointment, receiving a curated list of local resources to call on their own, or adding their information to a call-back list for when staff are available)

Want to explore how a digital healthcare enrollment screening tool and contact center could save your staff time and energy? Talk with us.


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